Window Cleaning

Canberra region property cleaner

We deliver exceptional residential and commercial window cleaning for builders, property managers and homeowners.

At Synergy Four Services, cleaning windows and glass doors is our specialty.

Cleaning glass may seem a simple, albeit time-consuming job, but with windows now being toughened, glazed or having energy-efficient coatings or argon filling, it’s incredibly important to use the right products and techniques to avoid damaging what is the among the most expensive materials in construction.

Our specialist cleaners are up to date on all of the latest glass manufacturing, coatings and treatments, so we use the appropriate tools, products and techniques to bring all types of glass to its mark-free and transparent best.

Commercial window cleaning services

Commercial buildings bring their own set of challenges when it comes to window cleaning.

High windows, intricate designs complex access and weather challenges can all impact cleaning operations. When it’s a post-construction site, there’s the added need to seamlessly integrate with the project’s final timing, site rules and exclusion zones.

You need a cleaning partner that is reliable and experienced in working on active builds.

We develop site- and job-specific Safe Work Methods statements to meet the needs of any site and ensure our window cleaning is carried out safely and compliantly.

At our morning toolbox meetings, we discuss the approach for the day, and staff arrive at their allocated sites, ready for inductions and holding all the necessary documentation to give you a seamless service.

We are Supply Nation-registered and Secure Local Jobs Code-certified in the ACT which means our team members are employees, not contractors, receive appropriate training, are paid a recognised salary and treated with respect.

With scissor lifts and staff certified in elevating work platforms, no window is out of our reach.

Residential window cleaning services

In new residential builds, windows often take the brunt of the rush to get the build over the line. Plaster, paint, mortar, concrete, construction dust, render, silicone, water stains, stickers and fingerprints on glass impede the outlook and detract from a homeowner’s enjoyment of their new home.

We are big fans of the saying “what we see in others depends on the clarity of the window through which we look”.  We take that very literally because when your reputation as a builder is on the line, you don’t want your entire body of work judged on people’s experience of the poor window cleanliness in the house you’ve just completed for them.

We recommend a full clean of windows a day prior to the finishing clean. It’s always best to clean a home from the top down, so that the last thing to be tackled on the interiors is the floor, where any drips, spots or lint from a comprehensive window clean can be wiped away for a truly spectacular result.

Whether its cleaning from the inside or outside, safety is always our number one consideration. A high-reach cleaning pole with water flow is our preferred tool outside, but our team is fully licensed for high risk and working at heights should scaffolding be available to use.

Inside, we use telescoping rods or self-levelling ladders depending on the height and breadth of the windows.

The goodwill that’s generated from owners moving into a home with clean windows can’t be underestimated, but the other benefit of having the windows professionally cleaned is that it helps pick up any last-minute defects in manufacturing or installation.

Give yourselves and your clients peace of mind with our comprehensive window cleaning service.